Welcome to the magical world of pressed plants. It begins with a seed. A seed in nature, a seed in the greenhouse, a seed of an idea.

I grow, collect, and press plants to create works of art. For me, creating art is a healing process. It soothes, brings the fires of the imagination to the surface. To be in nature, feeling the connection of life-it is a spiritual process.

I forage in the woods, collect flowers from my gardens, deconstruct them, put in a variety of presses to dry. Once dried, sorted, stored for the creating to begin in late Autumn and Winter. The pieces of plants are arranged as the muse moves in me. Creating works of art from Nature keeps me connected to the natural cycles, to seasons, to what is most important to me.

I love the cycle of growth, death, and rebirth. My art is a continuation of that cycle.Often I do not know what will emerge. The images appear. I am natures artist.