It begins with a seed, a seed in nature, a seed in the greenhouse, a seed of an idea.

Spring I forage the woods for buds and flowers to press. Gardens are created from seedling that grew in my greenhouse and the sowing of seeds in ready-made beds.

Summer takes me into full action mode of planting, collecting, pressing, and planting again.

As the days shorten, activity slows, and I turn inward. The presses are opened to see how all the plants have dried.  The pressing continues with the Autumn leaves. I begin to play with my materials: a twig is a nose is a twig again.

While the gardens sleep in the dark of Winter, the ideas for images that were seeded in my mind throughout the year start to take shape in the studio. Here a piece of hornet’s nest becomes a mountain, and individual petals from a vibrant poppy form a wild hat. It is slow, meticulous work.

After several hours and many pieces of plants, the art is created, sealed using a proprietary technique, then framed. The cycle begins again with ordering from seed catalogues and planting seeds in the greenhouse.

Following the seasons, the cycle of planting, harvesting, gathering, pressing, ideating, and creating makes up my work and life.